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Panel-Track Blinds

Living room featuring large windows with Hunter Douglas Skyline® Panel Track Blinds.

Panel Track for Sliding Glass Doors

If you’re looking for a design option for traditional vertical blinds, look no further than panel-track blinds. Pairing well with contemporary and modern aesthetics, panel-track blinds are crafted of larger panels of material that glide horizontally along a track.

These statement-making, sleek panels are perfect for tall or wide windows and sliding-glass and patio doors, as well as for using as a room divider. They’re also an out-of-the box option for covering storage spaces.

Living room with a sectional sofa, coffee table, and lounge chair surrounded by large windows with panel shades. Skyline® Gliding Window Panels in Empire Fence Post

Features and Benefits of Panel Track Blinds

One of the great things about panel-track blinds is that they provide full coverage when you desire privacy or want to block out harsh afternoon sunlight. And because they stack tightly when you slide them open, they also give you an expansive view to the outdoors when you want it.

Panel-track blinds are available in a variety of textures, colors, prints and patterns, making it easy to complement a room’s décor. Skyline Gliding Window Panels, for example, are offered in over 450 fabric and color choices.

If you’d like to filter sunlight or completely block it, you maybe be able to add a liner to panel-track blinds, depending on the type of fabric you choose. In addition, solar screen fabrics are also an option for filtering sunlight. These specialized fabrics provide UV protection while still providing a view to the outdoors.

Living room featuring large windows with Hunter Douglas Skyline® Panel Track Blinds. Hunter Douglas Skyline® Panel Track Blinds

Customized Panel Track Options

You’ll find many options for customizing panel-track blinds, including the way the blinds stack, top treatments and edge binding.

Stack refers to the amount of view that’s exposed when a window treatment is opened. With panel-track blinds, you can choose from the following stack options:

  • Left stack: panels open from the right all the way to the left
  • Right stack: panels open from the left, all the way to the right
  • Split stack: panels open from the middle; half move to the left and half move to the right
  • Center stack: panels open from the left and right side and meet in the middle

In addition to stack, you might want to add decorative elements, such as a top treatment or edge binding. A valance or cornice top treatment covers hardware, adds a pop of color and provides a polished look to blinds; edge binding helps protect the bottom edge of the panels while giving them a finishing touch.

Open concept dining room and kitchen featuring large sliding glass doors with panel shades. Skyline® Gliding Window Panels in Formosa Stormy Gray

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